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Hi! My name is Ben, and I’m a photographer who sees the world as my canvas.
What once began as an interesting class in high school has expanded into a life pursuit and passion.Photography, for me,is not only a chance to explore the world around me, but an opportunity to show people a different perspective of what they might tend to overlook.
I seek to capture what is beautiful and put it into a photograph that enhances that very moment and gives others the chance to reach out and touch it. I like to take something that is interesting and reveal a less obvious, but just as intriguing view of it. Sometimes things are labeled as ugly and are rejected, but in my photos I seek to reveal the unknown and shoot a fuller, hopefully more accurate picture. So many things in the world around us have gotten lost and ignored. The mystery is gone and the object is common. I get inspired to reveal the mystery and bring to life the uniqueness.
In summary, I want to take what we tend to blur and bring it into focus by using a wider angle (a fuller perspective)or a close up shot (enhance the less obvious) to show the bird’s eye view or worm's eye view using different lights, grays, and colors to capture the smallest and biggest beauties in a single frame.

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